7 Ways Obstacles Can Accelerate Your Results

463610938_c627cea61d_mCan obstacles actually accelerate your progress? Yes!

Rather than fearing or fleeing from obstacles, we can embrace them for the opportunities they offer. They enable us to accelerate our progress. Hmm. How is that possible? What is it about obstacles that actually help us move forward – if we approach them properly?

I asked an inspiring group of clients those questions. They had just practiced shifting their response to obstacles with a spirit of “How fascinating! And, now I have the opportunity to pursue my hopes through the obstacles. What can I do with that?” Here are the reasons they shared about how obstacles have helped them succeed.

1. We pay closer attention. Obstacles make us stop and take notice. We can shift from autopilot to an inquiring mind.

2. Frustration builds up energy for change. Unhappy with the impediment, we gain motivation and energy to move forward.

3. Obstacles prompt us to tap others. If we could move along unimpeded, we might never think to tap the ideas and energy of others.

4. We look for new solutions. When we get past the frustration obstacles create, we start to look for new approaches that we wouldn’t have considered.

5. Obstacles stimulate awareness of more opportunities. We discover more resources, choices, and paths we can pursue.

6. Overcoming obstacles creates a feeling of accomplishment. This fuels more effort and results.

7. Embracing obstacles rewires our thinking for greater fulfillment. We dwell less on the boulder in the road and more on the journey before us.

Enjoy the opportunities obstacles create for you to accelerate your results.

Please share stories of how obstacles have helped you leap forward and enjoy your journey.

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