How to Stand Out in a Job Application

don and jayThink of completing a successful job application like winning in Olympic gymnastics. You need to do the required moves, and you need to do something extra to stand out from the crowd.

In today’s job market, many people claim that they are experts in something because they want to be offered the job. This leaves employers wondering who really wants to do the job. You need to show how the job will be an opportunity for you to fulfill your hopes for your talent. Here’s what job applicants can do.

1. Be sure that you include the required key words that describe the skills, experience, and successes needed for the job. You can’t win if you don’t cover those items in the application. Remember, some employers have software programs scanning applications for specific words, positions, and experiences to match the job requirements.

2. Include something extra that highlights how the job fits with what excites you. Be sure that your application makes it clear what your hopes are and the extra interest and energy that you’ll bring to the job.

Just as in the gymnastics competition, focused passion wows reviewers.


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  1. Paula Kiger says:

    Great ideas! And I just wrote a post with a gymnastics analogy so our minds must be on a similar track! I also think it’s easy to focus on what you want (like an objective that says “I want a job where I will grow professionally) as opposed to what you have to give THEM. Once you get past that whole keyword thing, of course!

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