How to ask for – and get – a promotion

177782849_31dfef9c9a_mMany employees stumble when asking for a promotion. Sometimes they wait so long before asking that they have pent up anger or frustration, which undermines their request. Other times, they cower with fear, “What if I’m turned down?”

Thus, it behooves employees to think through their requests carefully. We describe a proven process for making effective requests on pages 101-103 of our book, “Take Charge of Your Talent.” We also give an additional example in a recent blog post of Phillip using the process to gain a six-figure deal that he thought was beyond his grasp.

In summary, here’s the basic four-step request process as applied to requesting a promotion:

Express your Intention. State clearly what you hope to accomplish and why it is of value to the business. For example, “I want to make ever increasing contributions to our business’ success so that both I grow and the business thrives.”

Provide a clarifying Observation. Describe what you see that sets up the context for your request. For example, “I notice that the business needs [your observation of areas that are important]. I’ve honed my skills and demonstrated success in these areas.” Give concrete examples or proof points that confirm your readiness.

Make a Request. Make a simple, concrete, direct statement of what you want. For example, “I would like to a promotion to [desired position] or some other opportunity to grow and contribute more to the business.” Note how this request opens the door to multiple ways for you to advance and links back to your intention and what’s in it for your employer.

Close with a Confirmation. Restate and confirm whatever you have agreed upon. For example, “I hear that you would like me to have growth opportunities and that we can meet next week to discuss how I can advance in the business.”

Be sure to practice your request before you are on the spot. Find a colleague, coworker, or friend who can hear you make your request and give you feedback. With clear and powerful requests, you will thrive in your career.

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