It’s the Singer, Not the Song


Why is it that we are attracted to a particular singer’s version of a popular song? Two different people can sing the same words and melody; even follow the same beat – and yet they don’t affect us in the same way. Often, it has something to do with the Inner Qualities of the singers–how they are being when they sing the song.

The same phenomenon applies to any of us who seek to use our talent to make an impact in our work environment.

Here’s an example. A client, we’ll call him Ken,  recently was using the Take Charge of Your Talent program to boost his effectiveness in attracting support for a critical business issue. Ken didn’t have the power to make a key policy change himself. He needed to influence the key decision makers and faced some opposition. Previously, he had focused all of his efforts on what needed to be done.  Ken determined what he wanted to say and had detailed booklets of facts and figures to back his point of view. He was ready to make his case.

When asked how he’d need to be in order to win the support of others, Ken quickly responded, “I need to be clear and persuasive.”

“So you have determined that clarity and persuasiveness are the key Inner Qualities you need to get the support you want,” the Talent Catalyst reflected.

When Ken heard his own words come back to him, he realized that something was off. An aggressive lawyer-like approach wouldn’t get him anywhere with the strong-willed, independent people he faced. Instead, he needed to change his approach. He needed to be patient, humble, and engaging of the decision makers. Interestingly, Ken actually preferred these inner qualities but thought he needed to be someone different. When Ken shifted how he was being, others joined in and he found support for his cause.

Ken didn’t need to change his song. He just needed to approach it as a different singer.

How are you singing your song? Maybe it’s time to tune up your inner qualities to enjoy more successful results.

Want to learn more about how Inner Qualities will enhance your effectiveness? Read “Develop Your Inner Qualities – IQs You Can Boost” and complete the Inner Qualities Checklist on pages 82-87 of Take Charge of Your Talent.

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