Recovering from a Layoff or Firing

Sad businesswomanDo you know someone who has been laid off or fired? In today’s economy, most people know someone in this situation. Perhaps, it’s you.

It turns out that the old adage, “You need to get your head screwed on right” actually has a foundation of truth in it. When someone is laid off or fired, fear sets in and robs them of their best thinking. Brain scans show that fear drives metabolism to the amygdala (“fight or flight”) and leaves the creative and productive thinking parts of the brain (pre-frontal cortex and cerebral lobes) starved. It’s similar to someone going into cardiac arrest. They need a spark to bring them back to life.

How can this happen for the laid off person? The key is to bring a jolt of fresh thinking. This comes with someone serving as a talent catalyst — a generous listener who nourishes the stricken person’s brain with questions that kick start their better thinking.

Instead of dwelling on the loss, a Talent Catalyst Conversation focuses on the person’s hopes for his or her career and why those are important. Repeatedly, we’ve seen the power of these simple questions and additional ones that help people gain an awareness of the many resources and opportunities around them. With their better thinking engaged, people begin to create a pathway out of their despair.

Don’t let someone dwell in misery. You can ask valuable questions that will help bring the person’s career back to life.

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