4 Great Categories to Include in Your Talent Action Pack


The Daily Talent Action Pack effectively breaks your bigger projects into bite-sized actions. Using the Daily Action Pack will provide you with a form of accountability, give you helpful reminders, and encourage you to fulfill your hopes.

The Daily Talent Action Pack is a group of actions that you take each day, at least five days per week, that when completed, add up to realizing your hope. It establishes the consistent actions you need to accomplish what’s truly important to you. It also gives you a way of completing your work each day with a sense of progress and pride.

Here are four great categories to include in your personal “Pack.”

1. Productivity Actions. These include all items that end with you having produced something: writing, coding, designing, planning, fixing, planting, developing, etc.

1. Marketing Actions. These include all items that have you spreading your message: calls, mailings, videos, blogs, web-site updates, personal interactions, etc.

1. Research Actions. These include all items that increase your knowledge and awareness of your market, your industry, your skill set, your place in the world, etc.

1. Self-Care Actions.  These include all items that ensure your ability to be at your best mentally, emotionally, and physically: eating well, exercise, meditation, rest, de-stressing, self-expression, etc.

We encourage you to start small and expand your Talent Action Pack up as you go. It’s better to have fewer items and win each day than feel like you’re always running behind.  Consistency will win the day.

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