Do You Need To Make A Big Leap?

Sometimes we can’t get where we want with conveniently spaced steps. Indeed, sometimes a leap forward is worth taking even if we might fall.

Chad learned this at the end of the ropes course he tried in a mid-career challenge workshop. Chad had proudly succeeded in all the other section of the course and felt pretty confident about himself until he came to the section they called the Heebie-Jeebies.” The setup was a single thin steel cable strung sixty feet above hard-packed earth. Several other cables crisscrossed the single cable at sharp angles. He didn’t see how he could get his body to the other end of the hundred-foot stretch without a hitch.

Chad faced a choice: “Will I go forward to finish the ropes course knowing that I will likely fall, or will I turn back?” Chad did step out on the steel cable…and he did fall. He knew though that he was on belay with two people on the ground who agreed to spot him and keep the tension tight on the ropes and pulleys holding his harness so that if he did fall, he might get a few bruises from the cables but wouldn’t crash to the ground.

Chad’s experience of a “big leap” was literal. He and his companions on this career course learned in their bones, and with a few bruises, that no matter how much success you’ve enjoyed, there will be times when you have to take a big leap to move forward. Just be sure you have the support you need to manage the risks.

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