Speed Planning – 15 minutes that are fast, fun, and functional

stopwatchYou’ve heard of speed dating, speed chess, and speed-reading, but have you ever experimented with speed planning?

One of the tools we offer in Take Charge of Your Talent is called a Talent Action Plan.

You’ve probably done your share of planning in the past, but you many never have considered doing it this way.

Find a partner and set a timer for 15 minutes.  Have your partner ask the pertinent planning questions, you answer, and allow your partner to make quick notes on your responses.

Here are some typical responses from people who’ve given it a try:

I can’t believe I got this much done in 15 minutes.  It would have taken me 90 minutes if I did it on my own.

I tend to overthink things when I plan.  This approach forced me to go with my initial thoughts; the plan seemed fresh.

I loved having a partner who took notes for me.  When I got them back, I was pleased to see just the bullet points; the important things that I needed to address.

I hate sitting down to work on a plan.  I usually wait till the last possible minute and I get all stressed out.  This approach was actually fun.

Here are the questions that we use in our Talent Action Plan:

First state your hopes; a brief statement of your aspirations that the Plan will address.  Then answer the questions below.  Set the timer and …..GO!

1. What needs to be learned or developed for you to realize your hopes?

2. Why does it need to be done?

3. How will it occur?

4. Who needs to be involved?

5. When will it be completed?

6. What are the projected resources (number of hours, cost, coaching, support, etc.) you need to complete it?

7. What is the impact on other priorities?

8. What kind of reporting needs and coaching support will it take to track progress and sustain results?

If you are planning to act, take a few minutes to plan. It can be fast, fun, and functional.

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1 Comment » for Speed Planning – 15 minutes that are fast, fun, and functional
  1. Andi Roberts says:

    This is a great technique. The energy that the focused time available provides creates additional thought. A couple of questions I might consider adding or weaving in if time permits are:
    1) How will you feel when this is done?
    2) How will you celebrate success?
    Cheers, Andi Roberts

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