Resistance Training for Your Talent

resistance training don and jayFor many of us going to the gym is a regular part of a weekly routine.  And resistance training is a staple of the gym experience.  We use free weights, walls, bands, and machines to push, pull, and crunch our way toward more sculpted bodies.  We are willingly engaging with obstacles (the resistance) to make ourselves stronger, healthier human beings. And as we become stronger, we consciously and intentionally raise the level of resistance so that we can become even stronger.

Are we nuts?

Hardly!  As Jim Kouzes notes in the Foreword to Take Charge of Your Talent, “challenge is the crucible of greatness.”

Key #2 (Accelerate through Obstacles) of the book can be seen as just that sort of challenge: a form of resistance training for our talent; the very kinds of challenges we need to realize our greatness.

You always have choices.  At the gym you can choose not to engage with any particular piece of resistance or turn any one into a pièce de résistance.  You can choose to raise or lower the amount of resistance you are ready to embrace.  And you can choose whom you’d like to spot or support you in the endeavor.

So choose!  There are probably challenges you are facing right now that could be great excuses to hide your talent under the covers.  Or you could choose to take on the challenges.

Is there an obstacle you’re facing now that you’d like to use to strengthen the expression of your talent?  What level of challenge are you prepared to engage?  Whom would you like to support your efforts?

Resistance can slow you down or pump you up.  Choose!

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