7 New Year’s Resolutions for Career Success in 2013

Follow these resolutions to enjoy a fulfilling 2013.

1.  I will connect with my deepest hopes. Fears block your best thinking. Your hopes encourage creative, constructive outcomes. Surround yourself with people and objects that remind you of your hopes. Choose your hopes over your fears. 

2. I will get my “but” out of my own way. Every time you express your hopes and add a “but” about why you can’t realize them, you drain your own energy and squash possibilities. Every obstacle you encounter is an opportunity to use your talent, not to negate it.

3. I will craft an inspirational story with myself in the lead. When you tell the story of where you are and where you want to be at the end of this year, what character are you playing? Are you a victim, a bystander, or are you the hero. We live by the stories we tell, so tell a good one.

4. I will grab opportunities to grow. Chances are that in order to realize your hopes for the new year you are going to need to learn and grow. Be willing to let go of some things to become more.

5. I will complete the 100 Resource Challenge. All of your accomplishments come through productive use of your resources: the people, places, and things that surround you. Start a master list of the resources you see; add to it daily until you reach 100. No matter limited you may feel, there are many resources you can tap.

6. I will use my resources to the fullest. Make sure you get the most from each of your resources. Learn what your technology can do for you. Tap into the skills you enjoy using. Make big requests of others. People love to contribute. Give them lots of opportunities.

7. I will challenge myself to stretch. Think of what you are comfortable doing and then go a little further. Find that place where excited meets nervous. Stretching increases your vitality and your sense of what’s possible.

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