Be a Take-Charge Leader

There are many important ways for people not only to benefit personally but also to help others unlock  their talent. Here are some leadership opportunities.

Talent Champions Program

This program is designed for people, anywhere in the world, who wish to fully express their own talent while serving as catalysts and champions for the talent of individuals in their organizations, practices, and communities.

Through 7 webinars, assigned reading, and active participation with others in the course you will ground yourself in the three “Take Charge of Your Talent” keys by:

  • Exploring the Big Ideas imbedded in the work
  • Acting to realize your own Hopes with the support of your classmates and Talent Fulfillment Team
  • Contributing to your world as you serve as a Talent Champion for others

I have learned something fresh; a practical and sustainable method for helping millions of people to take charge of their own talent; to take charge of their destiny.  

Tuncel Gulsoy, Istanbul

 Next Available Program

To be announced.  Please let us know if you are interested.



Although we encourage everyone to use the three keys and material in the book as they see fit, certification is required for those who want to use the “Take Charge of Your Talent” brand and certain copyrighted materials for commercial work with individuals. The certification process requires evaluation of skills and knowledge in delivering the three keys.


Participants in the Talent Champions Program may choose to pursue certification after finishing the program, simultaneously with the program, or not at all.

Talent Champions Program      $825 (limited scholarships available)

Talent Champion Certification $895

Program/Certification Combo   $1595

For more information or for an application to the next Champions Training Program contact:

Become a Certified Take Charge of Your Talent™ Leader

The role of the Certified Take Charge of Your Talent Leader is to:

  • Market and lead Take Charge programs and workshops
  • Serve people seeking 1-1 support from the Take Charge program
  • Contribute to thought leadership and development of the Take- Charge movement based upon your interests
  • Lead Talent Champion programs and evaluate Talent Champions seeking certification

To qualify for Leader certification you will need to:

  • Be a certified Take Charge of Your Talent Champion
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of key components through online and personal review with the authors or their designated leaders
  • Demonstrate skills to lead programs and  workshops through “see one, do one, teach one”
  • Share insights and experiences with the  Take-Charge Community features “3 Keys to Unlocking Employee Talent”
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