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PB&J – Brain Food for Your Talent

To make the highest and best use of our talent, you need your brain to be working for you and

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Is Professionalism Killing Your Talent?

Professionalism doesn’t mean you have to be staid. In fact, effective professionals find ways to be appropriately self-expressive. They stand

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It’s the Singer, Not the Song

Why is it that we are attracted to a particular singer’s version of a popular song? Two different people can

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Succeeding as an Introvert in a Noisy World of Extroverts

Unless people know something about you and how you work, introversion can be read as lack of interest or even

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How Far Can You Stretch?

In “Take Charge of Your Talent,” we advocate making healthy stretches as an approach to getting the most from our

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“Talent Wanted: Dead … or Alive!”

Kevin was taught to create a detailed plan for his team and then work the plan. However, what looked good

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How Bold Are You Willing to Be to Get What You Want?

*** If you’ve ever wanted something and didn’t know how to get it, you need to read this blog. ***

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Your Talent and Mindfulness

What does mindfulness have to do with your talent? Mindfulness is a word that gets tossed around a lot these

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Graduates — It’s your time to take charge!

Congratulations to the millions of Americans graduating from high schools, technical institutes, community colleges, universities, and graduate schools! This is

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Are you afraid of your hopes?

I was. When my friend and spiritual director Art Stevens asked me the question, “What are your hopes?”, it stopped

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