20-Minute Talent Tune Up

personal and confidential

Do you take better care of your car than your talent? Most people take their cars in for regular maintenance and tune up. When did you last tune up the engine that is most responsible for your personal success and satisfaction — your talent?

We’d like you to enjoy a complimentary 20-Minute Talent Tune Up.

Here are easy-to-use online tools to help you:

Potential Opportunity Profile — your POP quickly lets you chart how well your current situation is tapping your talent and your related sense of personal satisfaction.

Talent Catalyst Express — answer 10 questions that will catalyze your passion to tap and enjoy the wellsprings of talent within you.

You can complete these confidentially and conveniently in 20 minutes or less … then print out the results and let them spur you into action.

Take a look at what’s under your hood.

Enjoy your 20-Minute Talent Tune Up.
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